Staging a Living Room in Five Steps

Staging a Living Room in Five Steps

You’ve finished all of your renovations and upgrades. Let’s look at how staging a living room will give prospective buyers a warm feeling about your house as soon as they walk in the door.

Guest post by Julie Austin

Staging a Living Room: 5 Steps to Stylish!

The style is elegance and class; style does not only mean dressing up. You can make your home décor stylish too.

Here we have a five-step guide for you that you can follow to staging a living room with style while staying on a budget:

1. It’s All About the Details:

Details matter immensely. When you want to find a way to provide your living room with a stylish look, details are the answer.

The most important detail is crown molding, yes. Not many people take this seriously, but to be very frank, crown molding can change the look of the room in a blink.

staging a living room crown molding

They are also incredibly cheap or affordable. You can choose the width and different styles as well. They help the room look fulfilled. Apart from the crown molding, you can even give the ceiling attention, and get LED lights installed in them.

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2. Paint: Oh the Colors

The color on the walls is extremely significant and the most difficult part when styling a room; you need to keep the color palette in mind.

There are two types of look that you can give the living room, either bold and loud, or soft and soothing. These shades let you add elegance to the room.

staging a living room paint

To create a very rich look which also goes easy on the wallet, you can paint the doors black and then contrast some décor with it.

3. Staging a Living Room with Pillows:

Pillows provide the room with comfort; more pillows will make the room look a whole lot more comfortable.

The right color, pattern, size, and material of a pillow can boost up the elegance of the living room. The size of the cushion will give the idea of how comfortable it is.

staging a living room pillows

Down-filled pillows are the only accurate idea of making a room more attractive. Large pillows also make the room look cozy, yet they make it look rich and expensive.

4. Dressing the Living Room Windows:

Windows contribute to making rooms look bigger than they are and not congested. Windows also make the room look finished or complete and vibrant.

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You should know how to dress your windows, whatever you prefer but here are some ideas.

You should always choose a large window, shouldn’t be too flimsy, that just makes it look way too cheap and ordinary. Try not to buy see-through material.

staging a living room windows

You can add a couple of best nursery gliders, also known as rocking chairs, right by the windows in your living room or bedroom to enjoy those lazy summer evenings or winter afternoons with yourself or with your loved ones.

5. Staging a Living Room with Lighting:

The right light or the wrong light can modify the look of the room considerably. Light is essential and has a significant part in the elegance of a room.

Try not to use the mainstream styles of light or chandeliers in the living room; be creative and different and go for designer light fixtures; they are just way too elegant.

You can use old lights and just paint them to make them look absolutely brand new and will save some bucks up for you.

staging a living room lighting

When we say lighting, we are not just talking about the walls but also the table and standing lamps. Try to put some crystal lamps in the room; they will surely make the living room a whole lot stylish and magnificent.

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