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Simple Landscaping Ideas for Curb Appeal

Selling a fixer-upper? Use some of these simple landscaping ideas to enhance the curb appeal of your property for buyer prospects.

Curb Appeal – it’s more than just a catchphrase among the real estate industry. Lack of curb appeal can actually drive people away from even considering your house, let alone doing a walk-through.


Think about it. If you drive up to a property and it looks like this:

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Unless you’re looking for a fixer-upper, you want the property to look inviting, like the owner or seller took pride, not only in the house itself, but in the property surrounding the house.

Once you’ve finished painting the house or cleaning/replacing the siding, fixed or added shutters, replaced windows – all of the structural aspects of the house exterior, it’s time to work on the outside.

It is, after all, what people will see first as they drive up to the home.

When the exterior of the property looks aesthetically appealing, more people will be drawn to the inside to look around and see what’s behind the outer beauty.

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Budgeting for Curb Appeal

When you’re renovating a fixer-upper to resell, or you’re getting your own home ready to sell, plan for outdoor maintenance and upkeep too. And you can do this without breaking your budget or even calling in a professional landscaper.

Simple Landscaping Ideas for Curb Appeal

1. Mow the lawn and fix bare or dead spots. If you don’t have a lawn tractor with a bagger, then rake the yard. A well maintained lawn free of clumps of grass clippings will show a lot nicer than rows of dead grass.

For bare spots or dead grass areas, you can either add some sod to those places or try LeapFrog Lawns Green Lawn Colorant & Instant Spot Treatment.

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2. Get the weeds out of the garden. If you have a small garden along the front and/or sides of the house, or anywhere else in the yard, make sure you weed it and trim back the bushes.

Nothing looks as unsightly and uninviting than an overgrown garden or bushes that looks like it hasn’t been properly maintained.

3. Add some “eye candy” to the garden. This is one of the simple landscaping ideas that some people may overlook.

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Simply add a garden sculpture or other garden décor to brighten up the yard.


If you don’t have a garden or any flower beds around the house at all, it’s time to add some! And you don’t need to pay a fortune at a professional landscaping store.

Head to your local Home Depot or even Walmart or Kmart and check out the sale in their lawn and garden department.

Whether you’re adding décor to an existing garden or adding new plants and flowers, consider the house, its location and colors when choosing what to add.

You want those colors to accent the house, not overpower it.

Need some ideas? Drive around the neighborhood and see what others are doing with their properties. What types of flowers and bushes do they have? How have they coordinated the colors?

4. The Mailbox
How does a mailbox add curb appeal? Well, if you live in an area with rural mail delivery that requires a mailbox at the curb, the mailbox can take away from whatever else you’ve done to add curb appeal.

Sometimes, the mailbox might just need a fresh coat of paint and some new numbers. But if it’s a really old metal box and has lots of scratches and dents or even rust, you’ll want to replace it before showing the property.

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simple landscaping ideas mailbox

If you live in a row house, however, and your mail is dropped into a mail slot in the door, you may only have to replace the slot or replace the screen door with one that has a mail slot already in it.

Once you’ve finished everything on your list of simple landscaping ideas and tasks, give your property a once over. Pretend you’re the prospective buyer.

Drive up the street and park out front. How does it look? If you’re using a real estate agent to sell your home, ask for their opinions and suggestions for improvements too.

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