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Modern Décor Ideas for Your New Home

Are you looking for some modern décor ideas for your new home? Whether you’ve just bought a house, you’re renting an apartment or you just need a change, spicing up the living room can make a big difference in your everyday life.

Guest post by Kenny

Six Modern Décor Ideas for Your Living Room

Decorating your living room can sometimes feel like an overwhelming task. I understand your pangs, and I know how confused you must be – decoration is a very tacky subject after all.

The living room is a space where we often spend our time, and most of our guests are seated so it really should vibe with your personality and mirror it somewhat.

I love the traditional looks, but if you want more slightly modern décor ideas for your living room, I can guide you and give some ideas. Just read on to find out what plans you should experiment on and implement to get the living room of your dreams.

1. Add More Plants

Even if you have a small living room, indoor plants are one of the easiest modern décor ideas to implement. They’re available in almost all varieties, colors and sizes.

modern décor ideas plants

You have a wide range to choose from, so get creative and add some plants. I once saw a woman who had a whole nursery in her home! It’s just about taking care of the plants, and I promise they will freshen up your space better than ever!

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However, carefully opt for pots that are easy to clean and are breathable so the plant may sustain for a longer time.

2. Modern décor Ideas for Monochromatic Space

Spacious rooms with catchy depths of darkness are super attractive, in my opinion. For a long time, I have had my home decorated in monochromatic patterns because I like how minimalistic it looks and feels.

modern décor ideas monochrome

You can throw in a rug to get a relatively softer look. A metallic chair could be your statement piece for the living room, and an LED setup on the wall is like a cherry on the top.

Once again, if you add a tall planter at the corner of the living room, it will give a nice pop of color to space.

3. Wallpapers & Throw Pillows

Winter is here, and a fireplace is probably not the only thing you can use to give your room a nice and warm look. Opt for checkered wallpapers in nice and warm beige shades.

modern décor ideas pillows

Add a lot of throw pillows on the sofa to get the warm, fuzzy look all over the place. Dried flowers can accentuate the look beautifully. Overhead lights or a modern and not so elaborate hanging chandelier is perfect to complete the look.

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4. Modern Farm

Okay, this is my ultimate dream house look, guys. If you’re planning to renovate the entire living room, you can safely consider this option. Consider getting walls that are glass paneled while the base of walls is made of red clay bricks.
The bricked look can be achieved by using veneers.

modern décor ideas farm

Centralized furniture in really light colors would make even a smaller space appear way more spacey. Accentuate the furniture by adding some colored sturdy plastic chairs.

Lights mounted on the roof are perfect; opt for warmer hues to mimic sunlight. Opt for natural looking large planters and your living room is ready.

5. More Modern Décor Ideas for Small Cozy Spaces

Are you going for an old-looking, small and chic living room for your single apartment? Choose this look.

Wooden beamed ceiling and walls painted off-white for a soft, spacey look, coupled with cane furniture are perfect modern décor ideas for your own sassy, chic personality.

modern décor ideas wood beam ceiling

An old looking, painted fire hearth is a must for the winters. Add a grey, warm, casual couch to the space for full of comfort and ease, coupled with a quilted coffee table which looks unique.

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Modernize the shelves by using wooden ladders to add magazines and other things. Once again, planters are a must! They just give a nice color and feel in wintry grayness.

6. Back to China

This is a total flip to all the looks I have mentioned before. Traditional looks are in, and with these modern décor ideas you can make your own small China Town in your living room.

You need some bedazzling wallpapers to adorn your walls with and warm yellow light chandeliers. Tall candle stands would add to the regal look of the space.

modern décor ideas chinese

Add a post-World War relic to give the place a slightly eerie look; I love throwing in a weird item that is completely disconnected to the theme. It adds an element of eccentricity.

Bonus Tip: Use this adjustable height desk to keep items out of the reach of a baby if you have one. You can also use it for various other purposes.

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author bio kennyKenny is a blogger who loves to write about home improvement. She is sociable and kind and loves to decorate almost everything! Read more about her posts at myStandDesk PRO.


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