Mezzanine Floors Add Value to Properties

Mezzanine Floors Add Value to Properties

Need more room in your house? Renovating a flip with extra high ceilings? Mezzanine floors can add value and space without breaking your budget!

This guest post by Carmen Bean discusses how mezzanine floors are an innovative yet inexpensive home interior investment, whether you’re renovating a house to flip or remodeling your own home.

Why Mezzanine Floors are a Great Investment

Amidst a time wherein the global economy continues to be fragile, it is always important for property owners to find good money-saving and investment opportunities. If you have a house with high ceilings, building mezzanine floors may be a good way to add value to your property.

One of the best ways to maximise space is installing mezzanine floors. There are many ways this construction option can benefit your living space and consequently be a good investment for you.

Let’s take a closer look on how having mezzanine floors can be advantageous for your property.

This video shows how a mezzanine floor adds a full size livingroom over the kitchen – between the main and second floors.

Mezzanine Floors Defined

A mezzanine floor, also referred to as a mezzanine level, can be added within an existing building as extra floor space. It can either come in the form of a partial floor or an entire second level, but most often they’re added between the main and second floor

Mezzanine floors are usually thought of in office buildings, warehouses and manufacturing plants. However, they can also be installed in houses with high ceilings, offering an extra floor space within the property.

If you’re planning to do a major renovation on a rehab property to resell, or you’re doing home renovations to add more room to your property, consider installing mezzanine floors.

This is ideal if you have a small land area and yet you want a bigger floor space. Having a mezzanine level also allows you to have an extra floor without sacrificing your high ceilings for your living area.

How Mezzanine Floors Can be a Good Investment for you

There are so many benefits you can enjoy when you opt to install mezzanine floors in your property. There are logistic, financial and even aesthetic advantages when you choose this option over moving to bigger premises.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits you can enjoy.

No Need to Relocate

When you move to a house that is double the size of your current one, you will have to undergo a very costly process. The cost of the bigger space is higher and you also have to consider the amount you have to spend on moving your possessions.

On the other hand, when you install mezzanine floors, you can expand your space without having to move your whole life.

mezzanine floors living room

Convenient Assembly and Faster Turnaround

Mezzanine floors are easy to construct and assemble so you can enjoy your new added space sooner. This is also a benefit for investors who may be on strict deadlines to turn over the property.

With faster turnaround time and shorter construction period, you can also substantially reduce labour costs. If you compare the losses and allotted budget of installing mezzanine floors to building extensions, the former is definitely a better option.

More Adaptable and Versatile

You will be delighted to know that mezzanine floors are more versatile and adaptable. With their customised designs, they can be built vertically, maximising the available floor space.

Aside from that, if your requirements change in the future, alterations can be conveniently and easily made as compared to brick extensions. Whenever you need to make rapid adjustments, you won’t have to spend much time and money.

Lower Costs

If you are renting a property, try computing the cost of space per square meter. Think of the amount you would spend if you would install mezzanine floors in contrast to getting a bigger space. You will see that mezzanines definitely save you more money. So, why do you have to move when you can reduce costs by staying in your current home?

Serves Many Purposes

One of the great things about mezzanine floors is their flexible design. This extra floor space can serve many purposes. You can use it as an extra bedroom, a home office, storage room, home gym or children’s nursery room, among many others.

Fewer Legal Requirements-Depending on Where You’re Located

Whatever type of expansion you make, you may have to go through rigorous reviews to ensure that your space is safe for use. However, when it comes to mezzanine floors, the legal requirements may be simpler.

Since you do not have to construct externally and you do not require extra land, you may not have to seek planning permissions from your local government or zoning office.

More often, accomplishing your building regulation requirements would suffice. In this case, you do not have to seek legal advice and representation which can be quite expensive. This means that you are once again cutting down your expenses.

Mezzanine Floors Are Aesthetically Appealing

Some mezzanine floors can be enclosed while some can be designed to look like an indoor balcony – much like the ones you see in a theatre. This type of design is quite popular in the urban setting where land areas and floor spaces are smaller.

mezzanine floors

Such layout gives out a modern yet well-organised vibe, offering a unique aesthetic appeal to your property.

Higher Value in the Resale Market

As a residential real estate investor, you absolutely want to make a profit on the resale of the property. You will be delighted to discover that even with a small space, your property can still have a higher selling value due to the mezzanine floor.

Brokers will consider your mezzanine as additional square feet to the living area. Moreover, with its modern yet chic design, your home will sell faster than you expected.

As you can see, you can enjoy several benefits from installing mezzanine floors within your existing property. Don’t forget to hire a reliable construction company that specialises in mezzanine floors. They know how to carefully plan the layout to make the space functional and practical.

Author Bio:
This guest post is exclusively written for by Carmen Bean, a writer and online marketing specialist at Element Construction, Australia’s experts in timber frame homes, mezzanine floors, granny flats that offer a complete design and build experience.

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