Meet Karen & Jim

Hi folks! Karen & Jim Musselman here, owners of Tri-County Real Estate Investment (REI) Homes.

Jim is a Berks County native, graduating from Reading High School. He worked at Grossfilex in Robesonia for almost 18 years.

Karen is a Delaware County native and graduated from Sun Valley High School in Aston, PA, then moved to Reading in 1989.

Jim has a little more experience in buying houses; Karen purchased her first home in 2005 when she and Jim bought their home together in Mohrsville.

I was first interested in real estate investing back in ’88 and bought a rather expensive real estate program with cassette tapes.

As a single mother though, I was never able to just jump right into it. But I’ve always wanted to invest in real estate and build an income with it.

Around 1998-99 I worked with an investor and helped to rehab houses for resale. The investor had purchased an even more expensive real estate course from one of the “gurus” so I learned a little more from him.

Fast-forward to around 2006. After I lost my job, Jim and I went to a couple of seminars for real estate investment, but the information wasn’t quite enough, so we again put it on the back burner.

It’s now 2015 and the information has caught up with my dreams! All but one of our four kids are grown, married and have their own kids now. We’re “semi-retired” and have finally made the jump into real estate investing to build for our full retirement and leave a legacy for our kids and grandkids.

Thanks to and all of the helpful and knowledgeable people there, we’ve decided it’s our time to start our new business in REI.

We have some amazing mentors to help us through this journey and look forward to building our nest egg in real estate.



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