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Kitchen and Bath Remodeling-5 Upgrades for the Best ROI

If you’re buying property to fix and flip, you may want to do the kitchen and bath remodeling first as these are the areas that may need the most upgrades to see the best return on your investment.

Guest post from Blue Diamond Plumbing

5 Kitchen And Bath Remodeling Upgrades That Truly Pay Off

Throughout the natural lifespan of a home, natural wear and tear will unfortunately occur. But when making renovations, determining a solid investment can make all the difference.

Significant upgrades to the home can serve two purposes: They can add value to the property when you put it back on the market and lower the cost of living for the new homeowners.

But if you’re not careful, kitchen and bath remodeling can be costly, and timely.

However, updating these rooms can add significant resale value to the home without breaking the bank. Home improvement projects like plumbing, appliances, and lighting will also modernize key aspects of these rooms while making the home more energy efficient.

Some of these upgrades may be simple DIY projects like adding a fresh coat of paint, especially if you’re doing a fix and flip on a newer home. In an older property, however, these five kitchen and bath remodeling projects may require professional advice and assistance.

1. Kitchen and Bath Remodeling: Plumbing

One of the most important aspects of updating kitchens or bathrooms is the plumbing. Plumbing is the framework of these rooms. Beyond their aesthetic appeals, a kitchen and bathroom are only as functional as their plumbing systems.

Before the installation of remodels, whether it’s new faucets in the kitchen or a new toilet in the bathroom, ensure your plumbing is up to the task. Plumbing renovations play a primary role. They must be able to meet the demands of the new upgrade configurations.

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kitchen and bath remodeling plumbing

If your upgrades require new layouts within these rooms, then your plumbing must be configured to meet these new changes. Hiring a licensed plumber will take care of the guesswork and labor. Improper installment of your plumbing system can lead to disasters further down the road.

A professional plumber will ensure pipes requiring relocation and fixture installations are done to the required building code. This will minimize any potential or future errors and maximize results.

2. Adding or Upgrading Kitchen Appliances

The workhorses of any kitchen, the appliances do more than just cook and reheat food. The right design can add to the home’s overal aesthetic appeal. Appliances that are beautiful and functional is inspirational to prospective buyers.

While you’ll have no problem modernizing outdated appliances like a microwave or coffee machine, when it comes to larger appliances, it is advisable to hire a professional for installations.

For example, you may be able to install a new electric range yourself, but installing a gas stove may require hiring a professional to ensure the range is installed correctly. Proper installation will also ensure the safety of the property and its eventual new tenants or home owners.

kitchen and bath remodeling gas stove

If you’re upgrading or adding a new energy-efficient dishwasher or refrigerator into an older home, it’s wise to consult a professional to double-check on the electrical and plumbing systems first.

The energy-saving appliances found in today’s market means the upgrade of your appliances will add value to the property and lower the energy costs of the new owners.

3. Modern Lighting Upgrades

Few home upgrades do more to elicit an evocative response than lighting. Most will overlook lighting when doing kitchen and bath remodeling, but they are essential to increasing the home’s resale value.

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Lighting adds atmosphere to any room. Areas where you eat, engage or conduct important business require the right type of lighting. The kitchen and bathrooms are key rooms that show your home in the best light.

Both of these rooms require lighting that is warm and bright. In the bathroom, consider wall-mounted lights to prevent unwanted shadows. This is important for daily tasks like shaving or applying makeup.

kitchen and bath remodeling lighting

In the kitchen, modern lighting will give the room an updated feel. Under-cabinet lighting can do wonders to brighten up space.

When installing new lighting into an older home, consult with a licensed electrician. The electrical system may need to be updated to deal with the new distribution of power. A licensed electrician can update the electrical panel and place correct wiring to enhance the lights’ cosmetic appeal.

4. Energy-Efficient Bathroom Upgrades

Depending on the age of the bathroom, some cosmetic work may be all that is required. But for those who have gone past their aesthetic prime, then consider a complete bathroom remodel. The perfect bathroom remodel adds space to work more efficiently.

This could mean upgrading a conventional toilets and shower heads to efficient, water-saving alternatives. Shower heads exposure to continuous wear and tear may mean it’s time for a replacement. This means replacing the entire shower system. Failure to do so may put your shower hose at risk of rupturing or breaking.

kitchen and bath remodeling bathroom

Cost-effective upgrades in the bath may include new water-saving and efficient toilets, shower heads and faucets in the sink and tub. Leaky faucets may appear seemingly harmless, but they can quickly drain the bank as more water is being wasted. These could be an indicator of a bigger problem so it’s best to leave any plumbing issues to more capable hands.

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5. Space-Saving Cabinets and Countertops

Coordinating cabinets and countertops can do wonders in both the kitchen and bath. The right updates will make a huge difference in the look, feel, and storage space within these key rooms of a home.

The options may seem endless when shopping for cabinets and countertops. With a variety of designs to suit every budget, upgrading storage and vanity space can be a daunting task. The last thing you want when all’s said and done is for it to come crashing down.

kitchen and bath remodeling countertops

When selecting and installing cabinetry and counters, it’s advisable to enlist the same company to do both jobs. This will reduce installation costs, provided a mistake should occur. The right company will ensure everything is measured twice and cut once.

When performing any upgrades to the home, the renovations should transform the space into something spectacular yet comfortable and practical. It should have an inviting feeling that has alluring appeal. The right team of professionals will create a space that can confidently feel like home.

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