homemade carpet cleaning solution

Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution

Getting ready to clean those old, dirty carpets? Here’s a homemade carpet cleaning solution that will save you money and get those carpets cleaner than the retail formulas.

Whether you’ve recently purchased a property to rehab and flip, rent or you’re cleaning it up to move into yourself, chances are if it’s got carpeting, they need to be cleaned.

If the carpets still look to be in pretty good shape, you may be able to bring them back to life with a good steam cleaner instead of ripping them out and replacing them.

For rental properties, this may be a good solution to save money, even if the previous tenants or owners had pets. This solution may even get the tar and smoke stains out of the carpet if the previous owners or tenants were smokers.

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For example, we bought our house used; the previous owners lived here for 16 years, and we never asked when they installed the carpet upstairs. We’ve been here now for 11 years and we’ve never done a deep cleaning on them.

And it shows!

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We had a cat who passed away, but not before leaving behind some now-noticeable stains from when she was sick. We also have a dog who leaves some “accidents” if we feed her the wrong food or eats something outside she’s not supposed to.

Add to that the normal dirt that gets tracked into the house, food spills, etc., and the carpet’s looking pretty dirty. So I went on YouTube – my favorite source of DIY info, and found the video below.

Their before and after carpets are great! After watching this, I told my husband we should save the expense that a professional carpet cleaning service would probably charge, and just do it ourselves.

We have to rent a carpet cleaning machine since we don’t have one of our own anymore, but using the homemade carpet cleaning solution this couple used will give our old carpets a much-needed deep cleaning without spending the extra money.

So again, it doesn’t matter what carpet cleaning machine you’re using – Rug Doctor, a less industrial model like a Bissel or even a small spot cleaning machine, this homemade carpet cleaning solution works!

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Homemade Carpet Cleaning Solution

1. Gal of hot tap water
2. Add 1 capful or cup of laundry soap (with OxiClean in it)
3. Add 1/2 cup of vinegar (not in the video, but vinegar is great for cleaning!
4. Heat up a pot of water – not to boiling though! Just till it’s steaming.
5. Pour about a cup of the diluted soap into Rug Dr tank
6. Add about a cup of BLEACH into the tank

Once you’ve tried it, share your carpet cleaning experience with us in the comment section below!

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