Home HVAC Systems-9 Top Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Home HVAC Systems-9 Top Tips for Maximum Efficiency

Whether you’re rehabbing a flip or buy-and-hold residential property, home HVAC systems maintenance is critical to the property’s value.

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Maintaining your heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems (home HVAC systems) is not only the key to protecting your equipment, but it also keeps you safe and provides you with better indoor air quality.

Therefore, be sure to keep Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) concerns in check with proper system maintenance.

Here’s a list of nine home maintenance tips to keep your HVAC units running effectively.

1. Clean the Area Around Your Unit

Keeping the area around your air heating and cooling unit is one of the best home maintenance tips to keep your system running efficiently. Clean debris and leaves outside the condenser and remove branches at least two feet in every direction in order to ensure proper flow of air around your unit.

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During the cold months when the condenser is not active, cover the top with a plastic or a piece of plywood to keep it safe from falling debris.

2. Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

When a programmable thermostat is properly used, it provides energy savings for every household and business establishments. If you want to cut back your energy costs, you will definitely enjoy a positive return on your thermostat investment within a year.

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Also, using a programmable thermostat can help maintain the functionality of your home HVAC systems.

3. Hire a Professional HVAC Contractor

Your home systems are designed with complicated technical components that could be beyond your knowledge. A professional HVAC technician is someone who specializes in the installation, repair and maintenance of HVAC units.

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With a professional technician to help you on home maintenance, rest assured that your home systems perform at their optimum efficiency.

4. Tune Up the Home HVAC Systems Equipment Annually

It’s a smart idea to call a professional contractor to inspect your home system once a year. A professional HVAC technician does not only have the know-how of keeping your units running smoothly but he or she has also has a complete set of tools for efficient maintenance service of your HVAC units.

If your HVAC unit is already more than 10 years old, don’t get surprised if your HVAC technician recommends you to tune up to a more efficient air heating and cooling unit.

5. Test the Duct Systems

Keeping the duct systems well maintained by having them inspected is one of the most important home maintenance steps. Most duct units are mounted in attics or areas where they are rarely inspected.

With the help of a licensed HVAC technician, your duct systems are thoroughly inspected and leaks will be properly repaired. This way, you can expect smaller energy bills every month, while enjoying improved comfort at home.

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6. Choose Quality Light Bulbs

One home maintenance tip for better indoor air quality is to use a high-efficient alternative to a standard motor. Pick HVAC light bulbs that use an electronically commutated motor (ECM) in order to save money every time you use your HVAC unit.

Extra tip- run the fan between cooling and heating cycles for even distribution of temperatures.

7. Stay Safe with Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Did you know that carbon monoxide is the number one cause of poisonings in America? So, using a carbon monoxide detector is a smart idea.

The safe and efficient functionality of home HVAC systems cannot be identified without using a combustion analyzer. Having quality HVAC equipment like a carbon monoxide detector at home can be a life-saver for the entire family and can save your units from damage.

8. Upgrade Your Air Filtration System

Better filtration is actually a sure-fire step in home system maintenance. Instead of using regular furnace filters, try to use pleated panel filters to keep your system running efficiently.

Look for a highly-efficient filter as an alternative to your current 1” filter, and it will surely deliver better filtration and reduce the load on the blower motor.

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For those who have asthma or other allergy problems, you might want to purchase a pleated panel filter with a 10 to 12 MERV rating.

9. Use a Surge Protector

An average residential or commercial building experiences over 300 potentially harmful surges within a year. And today’s HVAC equipment gets more sensitive to this pressing concern. High quality

HVAC equipment is one of the most valuable possessions of a homeowner. Hence, it is really advisable to use surge protectors for your home systems. Otherwise, they could be much more susceptible to power surges and you may experience costly replacement later.

Home HVAC systems maintenance should never be taken for granted. The best step to keep your system in good shape is to keep your IAQ in check with these top home maintenance tips.

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