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A Clutter Free Home Sells Faster

Owning a home is one of the biggest investments that anyone can make. But when you’re ready to sell it, a clutter free home will show better to prospective buyers.

Have you ever seen photos of houses for sale where there is so much clutter that you can’t really tell what the rooms look like? I have. I imagine the home owners have lived in the house for a long time, but they failed to clean it up before taking photos to put online.

clutter free home

When you’re getting ready to put your house on the market, it’s time to clean out the junk before you start taking photos of the rooms in your house.

Your real estate agent doesn’t want to walk prospective buyers through a cluttered house. Before you even call an agent to come out, get it organized and cleaned up so the photos they take will show a clutter free home that people will want to come look at.

Unless you’re selling your home as a fixer-upper at a discount, a clutter free home will present better and sell faster and you should get a higher price for it.

How to Declutter Your Home – Clutter Free Home Tips

Clutter Busting Your Kitchen

Start with the kitchen. It’s probably the most important area in any house. If you look through real estate listings, the room they focus on the most is the kitchen.

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clutter free home kitchen

When an agent shows your home, prospective buyers want to actually see the countertops. If you have a lot of clutter around the kitchen and on the countertops, your home will not show well, and it may take a longer time to sell it. Or you may get offers that are well below your asking price.

Make sure the appliances are clean and free of odors too, including the garbage disposal, if you have one. Nothing turns off buyers more than a smelly house!

Too Much Furniture for the Size of the Room?

I’ve seen some photos of houses for sale and I can’t see how a real estate agent can even walk through, let alone show the house without clearing a path.

Even a tiny room in your house can appear bigger if it’s organized right and free of any clutter.

clutter free home small room

If some of your used furniture is still in fairly good condition but you probably won’t be taking it with you when you move, set up a “staging area” in the garage for things to put out for a yard sale.

If you don’t have time or enough items for a yard sale, take some good photos and list them on Or you can donate the used items to your local Goodwill Store or thrift shop.

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It might only be junk to you, but what you and your family may think is junk, may be a treasure for someone else.

Closet Full of Clothes and Shoes You Don’t Wear?

Now’s the time to start getting rid of it! When your agent shows your home, prospective buyers want to see the size of the closets, not all of the clutter inside.

buying an investment property closet

(image By Wjablow-Own work)CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons)

If you open your closet door and things fall out of it, not good. You want buyers to see a closet that has a lot of space to organize their items. And a clutter free home doesn’t have closets packed with useless stuff.

Make Sure You Have a Clutter Free Home Outside Too

Curb appeal! The first thing your agent and buyers will see when they drive up is the outside of the house. So once you’ve decluttered the inside, don’t leave all of the junk sitting outside or even on the curb.

clutter free home curb appeal

If you’ve had a yard sale and things didn’t sell, haul it away, or schedule the showings for after trash pickup day.

If you have a yard, once you mow and trim the lawn, don’t leave clumps of grass laying around. Sweep the grass off the walkways, then rake the yard and use the grass trimmings as mulch in the gardens.

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Does your garden look like a jungle?
Ours did when we first bought it! Not long after we moved in, we took a front-end loader to it, cleaned everything out and started over.

You want the front of your house to look neat and clean. So if you have overgrown hedges and bushes, old flowers and weeds, get those cleaned up. A clutter free home starts on the outside and a cluttered garden does not present well.

Dead Trees Do Not Look Good
If you have any trees in the yard that you’ve been meaning to cut down or trim back, do it before you take photos of the landscaping for sales ads.

Once you mulch up the trimmed leaves and dead branches, mulch them and spread them around the trunks of the other trees and bushes.

Remember, A Clutter Free Home Sells Faster

By taking the time declutter the inside and outside of your home, you’ll improve the looks of your home, make it easier for the real estate agent to show, and you should be able to sell it for close to your asking price.

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