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Artificial Grass-Top 5 Reasons to Switch

Top 5 Reasons Why More and More Homeowners in Pennsylvania Switch to Artificial Grass

Why Choose Artificial Grass
Artificial grass offers several benefits, not only for homeowners but for the environment, too. Unfortunately, since it is artificial, many people feel doubtful about making the switch and investing their hard-earned money.

They fear about their health, the associated cost and the convenience. Some of them even worry about what their neighbors might think about them.

If you are in Pennsylvania and considering shifting from natural to artificial grass, here are five good reasons that may completely convince you.

1. Artificial Grass Saves money

Artificial grass can be a bit costly during installation. Aside from the cost of the actual grass, you may also have to pay the people who will be setting it up on your lawn.

However, without the need to invest in fertilizers and chemicals, artificial grass can save you money in the long run. Apart from that, it requires no maintenance so you won’t have to worry about your water bill skyrocketing. Just imagine how many gallons you can save by not having to pour water on your garden.

You won’t also need to buy petroleum for your lawn mower or even invest in expensive tools and garden equipment to make your lawn one of the creative gardens in your neighborhood.

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Plus, there’s no need to worry about making replacements, even in the presence of drought. In case replacements do become necessary, you only need to take out the affected part. There’s no need to change the entire grass in your lawn.

2. It’s Pet Friendly

Artificial grass offers the same comfort and convenience for pet owners. For one, there are less chances for your pet to dig the soil in your yard and mess up your garden. That means no muddy paw print in your living room, too.

Your pet will also be less exposed to chemicals since you won’t be needing them in keeping your lawn in top shape. If you worry about cleaning your grass after your pet has done his business, then you should cast aside your negative thoughts.

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What Can You Use to Clean Artificial Grass
Artificial grass is permeable and can easily be cleaned by rain. If you prefer to do it manually, just take your hose and run water on the affected part. You can use a disinfectant or your grass’ special cleaner, in case it has one.

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3. It’s Not Just for Gardens

Many people in Pennsylvania now prefer artificial grass for balconies. One good reason is that they can pick the blade, shade and type of grass to install. This freedom enables them to create the exact space they want for relaxation and entertaining guests.

Another reason is that it makes you feel like you really have a yard, even without sufficient space. Artificial grass can be cut to fit any space. You can even set up a portion with grass and leave a certain area cemented for a more modern look.

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In case you live on the top floor of your building, you can install artificial grass there, too. This will give you a relaxing area despite the restricted space. The nice thing about this type of grass is that it doesn’t increase the temperature of the building and it doesn’t get easily damaged by snow or even ice.

4. Artificial Grass Saves Time

With artificial grass, you won’t have to spend your weekends mowing your lawn. Instead, you’ll have plenty of time to sit down and read a good book on your patio. You won’t even have to worry about the tedious work that comes with pulling out weeds and picking up twigs and leaves.

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It also cuts down the time you need to prepare in case you’ll be having visitors over for dinner and in cleaning up their mess after. And you’ll have no worries about their kids running around your lawn either.

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5. It’s Environmentally Friendly

The word artificial might throw you off a bit, but you actually shouldn’t feel that way. Although the grass isn’t natural, it’s relatively a safer option.

For one, you and your kids won’t be exposed to chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers while spending time in your yard. This frequently happens with natural grass since the said chemicals can easily run off with the water.

If you have kids who like to play around, they can potentially ingest the chemicals once they place their hands on the grass and then to their mouths. The same thing can happen when they rub their eyes with their contaminated hands.

By not using electricity and fuel in maintaining your lawn, you’ll also be lessening the carbon footprint in the environment. It’s good for saving water, too.

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