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11 Natural Cleaning Products From Your Kitchen

These Natural Cleaning Products Right from Your Kitchen Will Give You a Squeaky Clean House

Did you know that they are numerous foods probably present in your kitchen can be used as natural cleaning products in your house? Yes, the time has come to say goodbye to your toxic cleaners and look no further than the pantry and refrigerators to clean everything from yucky grills to stinky carpets.

You might bring food according to your requirement, but spending a little more on it can save you from buying those expensive cleaning solutions. If you still can’t believe that your kitchen has such natural home cleaning remedies, search online and look for such information.

Many companies like house cleaning in Brisbane, Melbourne or more have provided such knowledge that you would love to execute them.
If you want to know how to make your own cleaning products, get to know about the purposes of these 11 green cleaning products:

1. Lemon

The wonder of lemon doesn’t end at lemonade to get relief from extremely hot days. Besides being one of the most used natural cleaning products, it is also a fantastic kitchen helper. You can easily rub a lemon dipped in salt onto tarnished copper to diminish the stains. Further, the citrus present in it is helpful in zapping grime from your microwave, shining brass, and removing stains from linens.

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2. Ketchup

Whether you have architectural detailing, copper-bottomed cooking pans, or metal-polished plates, make use of old ketchup packets stashed away in your kitchen drawers. It provides results within a short time. See, how your French fry ally can clean copper and get your utensils gleaming again.

3. Rice

Unable to clean the inner base of coffee grinders? Rice is another food in the natural cleaning products category. Just add a few scoops of uncooked rice in and turn on the grinder. Dump the rice after it is ground. Moreover, when it comes to clean a vase, swish a scoop of rice with warm water and a little detergent inside the base to scrub hard-to-reach spots.

4. Salt

Erase stains from butcher-block countertop with salt that helps release stuck-on food from a cast-iron skillet. Also, you clean greasy cast-iron with a sprinkle of salt, a little bit of water, and paper towels to scrub. Even, with salt, you can clean white circles on wooden furniture and reduce bad odours from plastic or glass jars.

5. Walnuts

Got a scuff on your wooden furniture? Rub it with a walnut (shell removed). The natural oil present in it help mask and fix the scratches. However, walnut leaves are also the best natural cleaning products for cleaning wooden furniture. You can easily clean wooden surfaces with it.

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natural cleaning products walnuts

6. Cream Of Tartar

It is your new secret weapon of removing stains. You can simply shine up stainless steel with a paste made from cream of tartar and water. This works on everything from jewelry to large kitchen appliances. It is also useful in removing gunk from the appliances you keep near the stove top.

7. Baking Soda

Considered as one of the top all-purpose natural cleaning products, baking soda is used to clean stained and stinky food containers, foul-smelling fridge, filthy kitchen, musty upholstery and carpets, crayon-covered walls, clogged drain, messy grill, and more. Mix it with warm water whether cleaning an appliance or carpet for better results.

8. Vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best natural cleaning products for removing odors, stains and spills, cleaning surfaces or removing soap residue. Vinegar is the powerful cleaning source to help you out. Also, vinegar can be used for soaking smelly toys. It zaps the odor adding harsh chemicals which are not harmful to kids and dogs when they play with them.

9. Tea

From hardwood floors to odor removal, tea has the characteristic of providing a stain-free home. Don’t you think it can be the easiest cleaning for your weekend? Tea is available mostly in every house, then without wasting a minute, you can make use of it in cleaning and polishing wooden surfaces.

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natural cleaning products tea

10. Banana Peels

From whitening your teeth to making your garden grow pest-free, you can also use banana peels with water to polish tarnished silver. Make sure that silver is lightly tarnished. Banana peels should be fresh so that it scrubs the silver smoothly.

11. Cola

Coca-Cola isn’t just a tasty beverage, but also one of best natural cleaning products to use as a toilet cleaner. Actually, its mild acidity makes it useful for commode-cleaning purposes. You just need to dump it in your toilet and leave it for an hour. The cola eats through the grime and without any scrubbing, you will get a neat and tidy commode.

Haven’t these foods proven to be a miracle in your house? Well, applying such things can save your money. moreover, it is fun to clean with the things that you once thought were only meant for eating.

Guest Post Submitted by Sean Sweet

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